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Pawsitive K9 Academy LLC
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 27 reviews
 by Scott Erwin
Greg is AMAZING!
City & State: California, MD

Greg is an amazing human being and a fantastic dog trainer / coach! As it turns out, "dog training" is as much about training the owners as it is the dog, and he does an amazing job of helping you to understand not just what to do, but WHY it works, and how it is perceived by your dog. This was a HUGE help for us.

In addition to his training expertise, Greg is an extremely personable guy. You just know that he cares about this work, and the people he gets to work with. He was very flexible finding times and locations that worked for our lessons.

I can't recommend him more highly!

 by Any DuLaney
Special Needs Dog Training
City & State: Callaway, MD

Greg is an amazing trainer. We contacted him because we had rescued a blind special-needs dog. Greg made our dog Auggie and us immediately comfortable with how he would be training all of us. He was patient with Auggie and us and was so very caring and informative. He was even able to train Auggie how to go down to our finish basement within minutes. We’ve had several dogs in the past that were not able to go downstairs with us if you have any type of dog That needs any kind of training. Greg is the absolute best person to contact. He is amazing and we can’t thank him enough.

 by Bleu
City & State: Great Mills, MD

I have 2 one yr old male Rotts that are as you can imagine a hand full. I reached out to Greg and he swooped in and did the unimaginable. My boys are unrecognizable, very different from day one. Greg is the absolute thorough, professional, patient, reasonable and polite trainer you ever want to meet. Take my word for it, I never believed my dogs would ever be the type of dogs to listen on command but trusting in Greg has unleashed their greatest potential. If you want your dog to be trained and well by a legit master trainer, then please hit this man up. Thank you Greg!!!!!!!

 by Laura
Amazing Results
City & State: Prince Frederick, MD

Greg is a very knowledgeable dog trainer and handler. We called Greg when our 1 year old Rottie was beyond stubborn and we were unable to gain control. He quickly taught ME (the owner) how to get my 85lb Rottie to be obedient in the house, with visitors even on a loose leash. We used many different tactics evolving what worked best with our dog. Greg gave me the dog owner the most confidence to handle my large dog. Stella learned that she was quite the Athlete - DEFFF give Greg a call!!

 by Brett Doggett
Google Review
City & State: Southern MD

Greg is a very kind and knowledgeable trainer. Our GSD Cado has come a long way and we are so happy with the results. We highly recommend Pawsitive!

 by June
Wonderful Results
City & State: Great Mills, MD

What a great training experience with Greg…we had him train our 8 month old standard poodle as well as us. It was a commitment that Greg made very easy for us to continue on our own.
Greg’s knowledge of a dog’s behavior as well as his training techniques made our training sessions seamless.
If you want the very best dog training look no further, you and your dog will be extremely pleased with the ends results. Hands down, I highly recommend Greg.
Thank you Greg for the valuable training we certainly enjoyed it.

 by Tiza Melazzo
Google Review
City & State: St Marys, MD

I had a wonderful experience with Greg. Training Bear had some unexpected turns but Greg pivoted, adjusted his training and we were able to achieve great results. I’m very happy with how much was achieved with the 7 lessons and won’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for help with their dog.

 by Nancy
Immediate results
City & State: Leonardtown

Greg was immediately effective with Buddy our husky/lab mix! Within the first private session he understood what negative behavior to focus on. I learned very much about my dog and training him and Buddy was always excited to see him and work with him! Well worth the investment in our family dog!

 by Kelsey
My dogs new best friend
City & State: Lexington Park, MD

Greg was so patient and fun from day one. I was a nervous wreck meeting him for the first time. The moment he pulled up we went straight into training! My German Shepard is a loving an sweet dog but because I never stepped up as his Leader he took on the weight of the world and because a nervous wreck like his human mom.
Greg broke down all of my scared barriers and gave us our lives back. My dog loves him and I love his patience, understanding, and the fun he brings to the table during training. He broke down every step of training and me and my dog started taking it one step at a time.
My GS went from barking and lunging at everyone person and dog to walking into Lowe’s and being calm around people.
I cannot thank Greg enough for helping me and my dog live a happy and confident life. He not only gave my dog confidence but gave me the confidence to be his leader!

 by Julie Granados
City & State: Leonardtown, MD

We would like to express our gratitude to Greg at Pawsitivity Academy for assisting us in establishing a successful connection. In early February, we reached out to Greg and enrolled in a series of five private lessons. With Greg's guidance, we were able to develop the necessary confidence to teach Dela basic commands. We wholeheartedly endorse Pawsitive K9 Academy LLC and recommend their services.

 by Carrie
So Patient and Kind
City & State: 4/2023

Greg is the best! He worked with our dog who had a hard time accepting the collar! Greg was extremely patient and answered every question I had in an extremely timely manner, even if I asked crazy questions. Our dog is doing wonderfully now!

 by Lauren Kessler
Golden Girls love Greg
City & State: California, MD

Greg is the absolute BEST and I highly recommend Pawsitive K9 Academy!! Greg is extremely patient, knowledgeable and encouraging at all times. He gives you all the tools needed to be successful with your dog(s), and has truly built up my confidence as a dog owner. I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly my golden retriever puppies learned each command, and am impressed with this entire training process. Greg takes time to answer any question or concern, and checks in on us in between sessions, which speaks volume to his passion for helping. He is a genuinely kind person that cares about the success of you and your dog(s). Consistency is key, and Greg makes training enjoyable, which has allowed me to be more consistent. My dogs and I have truly bonded deeply during this training journey, and I feel so lucky to have found a wonderful trainer for my golden retriever girls.

 by Vicki Richardson
Google Review
City & State: St Marys, MD

From the first moment Greg met our newly adopted dog, Toby, he began training. We had many challenges to overcome and Greg gave us the tools to be successful. We didn’t know Toby’s history or what he went through before we adopted him. Greg’s intuitiveness with the dogs he trains is priceless. Toby is now well behaved, happy, trusting and confident. Thank you Greg!

 by Blair
Thanks for helping Pickles learn his “place!”
City & State: Charlotte Hall, MD

Greg was recommended to us from a friend who was thinking of working with him. After my 10 month old Bernese mountain dog/great white pyranees/poodle mix was fixed, we knew it was time to train him. We had started a few commands on our own but really needed some tools to help in other various situations. We hired Greg with Pawsitive K9 and it was a fantastic experience. Greg is patient, informative and very easy to work with. From learning how to put our dog on “place” to teaching how to “heel,” Greg was there every step of the way, and most of the time it was at very weird hours! Many thanks to Greg, we will certainly miss our lessons!

 by Charles Wiggen
City & State: Mechanicsville

Greg helped us with my daughter's dog before and I should have provided a 5 star review then but I'll say it now; he is amazing! We have two rescue dogs, mom and daughter, that had no structure (ever apparently) and now thanks to the training for both them and me, the stress is virtually gone and life is way better all around. We would use Greg again in a heartbeat and highly recommend!

 by Bill and Kathy
City & State: RIDGE

High praise for Greg! His knowledge of animal behavior coupled with his ability to teach our dog and explain the rationale has given us an understanding that I never had with my previous dogs. A well behaved dog makes for a happy dog and a happy home. Five lessons was all it took. We view this as an investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

 by Leigh Burbank
Google Review
City & State: St Marys County MD

We had the absolute best experience with Pawsitive k9 academy! From day 1, when I sent in an inquiry and got an immediate phone call back with a friendly voice on the other end, Greg was awesome! He worked with not only our dog, but with us as well, and we couldn’t be more grateful. It truly feels like we (both of us humans and also our boy) have a lifelong supporter and fan in Greg and he definitely has one in us, too. We absolutely recommended Greg and Pawsitive K9 academy—don’t hesitate to take the best step for your dog and your family!

 by John
Highly Recommend Greg
City & State: Ridge MD

Greg understands and trains not only dogs but their owners too. Over the course of seven lessons our dog Buster made major improvements in understanding and carrying out commands. No more jumping on people, no more uncontrollable barking, readily coming when called, heeling, sitting and staying. After a few lessons we realized Greg was also training us in how dogs think and react and in how to use that information to get results. We went from having people avoid us and Buster to complementing how well trained he was. Remarkably Buster seemed to enjoy the training sessions as much as we enjoyed his behavior improvements.

 by Steve Pope
City & State: Lusby

We have a high energy Lab with a very short attention span. We were very impressed with Greg's training techniques and his ability to get and keep our dog focused. Greg often dedicated extra time to ensure our dog mastered his commands. We plan on using Greg's services from time to time in the future.

 by Karen Stanley
Google Review
City & State: St Marys, MD

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
Best money I’ve ever spent! Greg is the best - he trained my dog Honey and me too! I’m more confident and Honey is so well behaved now.

 by Trent
Two Thumbs Up!
City & State: Leonardtown

Greg is great at problem solving and coming up with alternative methods to find the best results for you and your dog. Not only is he great with dogs, he is great with clients as well. He is thorough in his directions to the owners to establish proper communication with your dog! He has worked with me on our two dogs, I will defiantly be working with him with our newest pup!

 by Lisa Pulliam
Google Review
City & State: St Marys, MD

Greg is such a wonderful trainer. I was beyond impressed with his knowledge and patience while training my Vizsla, Willow. I would 100% recommend his services for anyone interested in seeking training for their K9.

 by Gayle Troan
HIghly Recommend
City & State: St Marys, MD

We highly recommend Pawsitive K9 Academy. Greg is the BEST! He’s patient, knowledgeable, and not that it’s required in a dog trainer, a genuinely nice person. Our puppy Levi was the ruler of our house. He bullied us into giving him constant attention. We walked him, played with him, and gave belly rubs on demand. We were pushovers! Greg has transformed our out-of-control puppy into an obedient member of the family. We’ve come to realize that training our puppy was the easy part for Greg, training us was the real challenge. He taught us that being consistent is key. We need to require Levi to follow the rules all the time, not just most of the time. We are confident that we can continue to become better puppy parents, but if we slip up and forget our role, support from Greg is just a text or phone call away.

 by Karen Stanley
Greg is the best
City & State: Southern MD

Best money I’ve ever spent! Greg is the best - he trained my dog Honey and me too! I’m more confident and Honey is so well behaved now.

 by Theresa Miller Francis
Thanks Greg!
City & State: St Marys, MD

Greg was so great with our very energetic 18 month old golden retriever. Not only did Greg give us the tools to train our dog, but he ensured each family member was consistent with the training. He was very patient showing our pre-teen and teenager how to train and walk our dog. Greg spent a lot of time answering all of our questions, he was always available to answer questions outside of our sessions, and was very responsive. We would recommend Pawsitive K9 Academy to everyone trying to train their pup to be a wonderful, well behaved family member! Thanks Greg!!!

 by Elaine Anastasia
We are so happy
City & State: Southern MD

Greg is absolutely amazing. Our Golden doodle wasn’t aware of her own size and loved people, this made it hard for people to come in the house or for us to go on walks. She would jump and pull on everyone. Now she can go sit in place and be calm while people enter the house and she walks almost perfectly on leash. We are so happy we found Greg he made training seem so easy!

 by Lisa Pulliam
Best obedience training
City & State: St Marys, MD

I can't say enough good things about Greg and Pawsitive K9 Academy! Greg truly has a passion for what he does and it shows. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking into obedience training for their dog, you won't regret it!